All The Wrong Things You Know About Air Duct Cleaning

5 Myths About Air Duct Cleaning

We all know the vitality of a clean quality air for ourselves, but why we always take for granted our air duct cleaning responsibilities? So with it being an often overlooked service, of course, many misconceptions creep into mind. Here are some of the common ones:

  1. Use of chemicals. There’s no need for chemicals in dealing with air duct cleaning. So always probe your service provider why they need to use chemical in your air duct and vent cleaning. Many chemicals that would be useful at removing dirt from flat metal would be dangerous to your health if breathed in and could be unnecessary in a residential environment.
  2. You don’t have to hire an air duct cleaner. While you may not need a full service every year, or even every two years, once you started a relationship with your tried and tested service provider, you should have your ducts inspected once a year.
  3. Air ducts only collect debris in an AC system. Wrong! Air ducts can always collect any forms of filth in any forced air system. Anything in which air travels through ductwork and works by way of a forced air system is prone to collecting filth.
  4. Bacteria can only be produced by an AC with a dehumidifier. It may be true that moisture in your HVAC system can be a possible breeding ground for germs. However, dehumidifiers are not the only HVAC equipment that collects water and can be a breeding ground for bacteria, as well. If for whatever these trays drain away becomes blocked, obstructed water could enter the airtight duct system and cause air quality.
  5. Unclean ducts have no significant effect on one’s health. This is untrue. A polluted air in an isolated space can cause a lot of major health issues in a person.

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